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February 12, 2016
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Why Solo Travelling Is The Best Thing Ever

Solo travelling is seriously the best thing ever – but wait! That doesn’t mean it’s the most glamorous or comfortable. Going to a foreign country or unfamiliar location by yourself can be completely daunting, but after overcoming those initial feelings of fear, you’ll unlock and revel in the ecstasy that is wanderlust.

You Meet New People

While you’ll obviously get to see and explore new places, you’ll also be able to meet new people, and be unabashedly yourself around them. Does your best friend usually cramp your style? Do you prefer to fly solo when it comes to making new friends? Meeting new people in other countries by yourself tests who you think you are, and who you actually are. You may have thought of yourself to be a shy, behind-the-scenes kind of person, but you may just stumble upon people who lure that wilder, extraverted side out of you. What’s stopping you? Nothing! Because there’s no one judging you except yourself. You have complete freedom to find and be yourself!

You Go By Your Own Terms

Dying to visit that museum? Go ahead! Take notes so you can remember what interests, and most importantly, take your time – because there’s no one rushing you, and there’s no one who wants to go anywhere else after. If you want to leave where you are immediately and decide to have cotton candy by the street while listening to Bob Marley, you can do it. The best part is, if you start to feel lonely, you can look up locals on the internet who have the same interests and hobbies as you, so you can meet up and explore places together. An added bonus is that locals know better than the usual tourist spots you’re sick of hearing about, so you get to have an in-depth look into the culture of the area you’re visiting!

It Is Incredibly Humbling

When you have no one else to share your thoughts with, they go through a cycle in your head. You become your own listener of your own opinions and ideas. During your travels, you may see sites and have moments that are precious; whether it’s an elephant that took a liking to you in Thailand or a baby in the middle of a flea market in Turkey that gave you a big smile; you see how small the world is and how connected we are to each other as a human race. Being alone gives you time to appreciate this and reflect on this more!

You Appreciate Everything So Much More

“How I wish you had been there!” is something you’ll commonly hear from someone who frequently solo travels. That’s because they encounter experiences that they know they’ll never be able to repeat or explain exactly, and they learn how to appreciate the present moment for what it is. While they wish they could share it with you, they realize that life is something to be enjoyed, and to be thankful for – most especially when solo travelers go to countries outside their comfort zones. It’s unexplainably awesome. It’s really the best thing ever.

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