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How to Wake Up Feeling Wonderful!

Sometimes waking up isn’t as refreshing as we’d like it to be. We’re met with eyebags, a foggy head, and not as much energy as we expected. Luckily, you don’t always have to wake up like that! There are a few tips and techniques you can apply so that you can successfully wake up feeling wonderful.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

This may seem obvious, but we mean it – don’t set an alarm on that alarm clock. Your body will tell you to wake up when it needs to wake up! A decent amount of sleep should clock in around seven to eight hours. It also helps to ready yourself before bed – whether that’s by meditating, taking a long bath with lavender scented soap, or listening to soothing music. If you’re in the middle of a quarrel with your significant other, then you’ll still be a little anxious thinking about it before bed. If you could make peace with whatever troubles you during that day, or at least put aside your worries (perhaps write them down somewhere so you know you can attend to them the next day), the easier it will be to sleep soundly.

Remove Any And All Allergens

You may not realize it, but if you wake up with sniffles or a headache, it significantly lowers the quality of enjoyment of your morning. If you wake up with a clogged nose, you may want to try using an antihistamine before you sleep to see how positively it affects you. Once you find relief from this, the next step would be to determine what is causing the allergy. A major source of headaches that goes unnoticed, for example, is gluten. Waking up with a mild ache at the back of your neck is a telltale sign of this, and this pain usually ends up getting worse throughout the day. After removing gluten from your diet (if it is, in fact, an unnoticed problem), you’ll be surprised to see how much better you feel on mornings!

Avoid Stimulants and Alcohol

So many people believe that a finger of whisky or a glass of wine would help them unwind. Sometimes others enjoy the taste of coffee and have some of it with their dessert after dinner. Both can and probably will disrupt your sleeping patterns, not to mention the caffeine may probably interrupt you in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. Try some chamomile tea or warm milk instead!

Sunlight, Sweat, Songs, and Superfood

Exercising uses up your energy for that day so you feel spent by the time you hit bed, and also sunlight sends signals to your hormone glands that it’s day (time to be awake!) which in turn also denotes it’s night time, because you’ve had that fill of sun already. Your body will feel like it wants to sleep, giving you a deeper REM state and better sleep. Next, when you wake up, listen to your favorite song while filling up on a hearty, healthy breakfast, and you’re good to go!

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