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Travel Hacks During Peak Holiday Season

Sometimes we can’t help but travel during the peak holiday season, it’s the time when most of us come together to celebrate the holidays, or relax for a vacation. There’s always a way around the stress and hassles that come with traveling during peak holiday season, and we’ve got them all down to pat right here, just for you!

Preparation Is Key

Make your rounds of calls to friends and family members to clear the air as to when important events are happening, and see how these events coincide with your work/schedule months prior to the week at hand. The best time to buy a ticket is a month before (it’s usually at its cheapest price at this point), but if you’re fighting for a seat on an airline that’s sure to be busy, best to prepare at least 3-4 months beforehand. You can never be too sure with peak seasons! Also, try your best to leave earlier than the day the events are happening – just in case of a delay. Anticipating the difficulties that could pop up by preparing is one of the smartest things you could do.

Brace Yourself For the Uncomfortable

Because you will be traveling during peak holiday season, you’ll want to ready your body, heart and mind. We’re not kidding! Brace your body by having a good shower beforehand, and wearing the most comfortable (and warming) clothes and shoes you have. Earphones are a necessity in most trips, and could save you the possibility of enduring an encounter with a crying infant. If you’re scared of flights, load your phone with some relaxing music and meditating apps. Have a meal loaded with protein before your trip so you don’t get hungry mid-flight, but if you don’t want to have too much of a heavy stomach, pack a light snack in your carry-on. Bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it right before you board the plane to make sure you stay hydrated during the trip, because they don’t usually serve water as often as they should in most planes!

Avoid Connecting Flights

Although this hack may be particularly expensive, if you’re flying during peak holiday season a little too near the date that the important get-togethers are happening, you don’t want to risk a delay. Taking a direct flight lowers your chances of getting stranded in another state (sometimes airlines won’t offer to compensate for your stay at a hotel or the time you lost waiting) and makes sure you get straight to your destination with less problems.

Other Means of Transportation

The first thing that pops into everyone’s heads when they hear the word “traveling” is usually an airplane – but if your trip is too soon for you to book a ticket, you don’t need a plane. Try making it by car or bus! It’s less likely to be delayed due to weather conditions or traffic. Although it may take four times the amount of time to get there, at least you get there… And think of all the sights you’ll see!

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