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Three Things You Must Try In Hawaii


Undoubtedly, Hawaii is a gorgeous island, perfect for a summer’s vacation. While there are hundreds of things you can do on this tropical paradise, we picked three of the most incredible things that we think you should most definitely try while visiting one of the world’s most loved islands.

Go Surfing!

Hawaii is known to be surfer’s paradise. In fact, you could say surfing is embedded in its culture! All throughout the rich history of Hawaii, people from all levels of socioeconomics have participated in this activity, using boards of all sizes. Women and children would use the Paipo (also known as the bodyboard) where you lie flat on your chest on the board, and use your feet to kick, arms to push, thus propelling yourself above water. The medium sized board is called the Alaia (otherwise known as Shortboard) which is akin to what a modern-day idea of a surfer would use. You stand on this board and balance with both feet, catching waves that break easily. Lastly, there is the Olo (longboard) which you can use to glide far distances. You don’t always need to catch a wave to move in this one, as it can stay steady by itself on water. In the olden times, Polynesian chieftains usually used this.

While this sport has its roots deep within the culture of Polynesians, it was popularized in the 50’s-60’s, giving everyone a chance to give surfing a go. If you’re a beginner, you can sign up for some classes to give you a head start on the basics of surfing! The weather and waves in Hawaii are more than perfect for this, so you must try it!

Go To A Luau

Another event that connects to Polynesian culture is the Luau, a happy celebration involving forms of exclusively Hawaiian entertainment in music, dancing, and food. What’s unique about the Luau is the energy that comes with it, as traditionally, Luaus were thrown to celebrate milestones and war victories. Celebrators would come together and weave ropes out of coconut husks and do other activities that would signify unification. Now, Luaus mean to celebrate anything from weddings, birthdays, and graduations! So while you’re in Hawaii, you might stumble upon a Luau being held for a fundraiser. Don’t miss this opportunity! This is a perfect chance for you to attend and see what goes on in a Luau; from partaking in native games, crafting, and even using a hula hoop!

Visit Volcanoes

Hawaii is also home to many beautiful volcanoes. While you’re there, be sure to pay a visit to an observation deck, or the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to see mother nature in her most unadulterated state. Volcanoes have been around long before humans even walked this earth, so having the chance to behold one live is a true privilege – most especially if one of the volcanoes is erupting! More often than not, the volcanoes spew out lava at an “aloha” pace, which is safe for most to see, so don’t worry about it!

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