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Simplifying Lives Even In Little Ways

Life can get complicated. Living simply and minimally is a great way to destress and declutter your life – in fact, this is easier to do if the steps you must take aren’t giant leaps of change. If you currently own a ton of junk, have a lot on your mind, feel stressed out, or just have a life full of clutter metaphorically and literally, here are some tips to clean up that mess and turn your life around!

De-clutter Your Space

Remember this: you don’t need much to be happy. Got clothes all over the place? Grime all over your bathroom sink and junk piled on top of each other in your room? Time to start taking on that mess bit by bit. Make it easy for yourself by having four bins for you to put this junk: Keep, Sell, Recycle, and Throw. If it’s too precious throw but also too bulky to keep, try taking a picture of it or saving a soft copy of it online to give you more physical space. Remember, it is crucial to be rigorous in the process of keeping and tossing. Keep things that only bring you happiness and love, things that you know you use and can’t live without. The rest can make better homes in other places. Finally, all that stuff you have left? Organize, organize, organize! Pinterest is your best friend.

If your problem is more about dirt than it is about junk, there are a ton of cleaning hacks that can are conveniently found online to make life easier for you! Don’t mind spending a couple of bucks? You can hire professional cleaners to really get your place spic and span. You’ll be surprised how much living in a clean and neat environment can simplify your life.

De-clutter Yourself

You don’t need all that makeup, all those bottles of shampoo for yourself. Your brows are perfect, your lips are fine, and yes, those shades of lipstick look almost identical. You don’t need a lot of those things to be happy with life. In fact, the more you simplify your daily routine. The easier it gets – though having a daily beauty routine is recommended – in fact balanced routines in all aspects of life is recommended! You can even resort to making your own shampoos, soaps, ad colognes yourself instead of buying products and hoarding them. Next, keep your clothes simple, and sell pieces you haven’t used within the last 3 months of the season. Throw away rotting food that you don’t intend to eat, and give away the ones you prefer not to eat. You’ll feel a lot lighter when your day doesn’t carry the baggage of taking so much time to look good – (you already look good!)

De-Clutter Emotionally, Socially

Take in the moment. Breathe in, breathe out, and focus on the now instead of thinking so much about what’s going to happen later, or what has already happened. Be honest with yourself and with your loved ones. You won’t believe how much of a great effect being honest and present can have on your life!

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