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Loving Yourself When You Feel Rejected

Self-love, especially after a break up or a fight with a loved one, can be a difficult task to do. Rejection is a normal event that everyone goes through, and it can be incredibly painful. However, with a bit of a push, the right mindset (or at least the push to have the right mindset), you can still find means and ways to love yourself when you feel rejected. Let us guide you through this tough time with a series of do’s and don’ts!

Don’t Hole Yourself Up

This is the first thing we all tend to do when out significant others decide to ditch us. Though you can give yourself some time and space to cry, don’t overextend that period to more than a few days. Sure, letting your feelings out over a pint of chocolate ice cream, a box of tissues, and a romantic comedy can be therapeutic, but there comes a point when indulging in this becomes unhealthy. Call your friends up and get out there. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be painful, but it will distract you eventually if you do it often enough, and that distraction is worth it.

Do Improve Yourself – In All Ways Possible

Now this is the ultimate cure you’ve been waiting for. There is no other better cure for rejection than improving yourself. It doesn’t even matter what you improve in, let it be a sport, an instrument, your physique, or your grades! The fact is, you’re not the same person who was rejected anymore because now you’re better in one way or another. Also, while you are out trying to get better at something, it keeps you busy, and shoos away thoughts of the person who rejected you. A popular example that most people do is the “revenge body”, where they work out and take care of themselves to make sure they look great and are in tip top shape. It works both ways because the exercise they partake in releases endorphins, keeping away their depression. It also gives them something to focus on overall other than that person who rejected them, and it teaches them how to love their bodies, their minds and themselves in general. Though their initial motivation was to prove the person who rejected them wrong, In the end, there really isn’t much revenge that they acquire. All you end up with is a marked improvement, more love for yourself, and a feeling of off-the-charts confidence!

Don’t Blame Yourself

Things have their own reasons for why they don’t work out. Don’t blame yourself for what happened, because there really isn’t anything or anyone to blame! While it’s also good to reflect on what possibly went wrong and why, it is a bad idea to dwell on it. If you tried your best, and had genuinely good intentions, you have nothing to worry about. You are whole the way you are, and loving yourself by accepting this is the most beneficial way of going through rejection. Lift this up to the universe as just another phenomenon, and move on – for you are loved, and always will be.

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