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Discovering the Best Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is known to be the mecca of entertainment in the U.S.; be it magic show, sports match, concert, circus act, renowned plays,or musicals, you can be sure Las Vegas has it. Some of these shows you only really get to see in Las Vegas, and rarely anywhere else. Here are some of the best shows that you should consider watching when you visit!

Superb Stage Productions

O by Cirque De Soleil is one of the best Las Vegas shows as it was so popular with crowds, that it rightfully earned a permanent position in showing at the Bellagio.The show is water-themed, and uses a lot of its properties (there’s a 1.5-million-gallon pool of water on-stage) to complement swimmers, completing such an elegant piece of performance art.The show was named “O” because it’s similar-sounding to “Eau”, which is water in French. Tickets start at $99 each, and can be bought in the online website of the Bellagio.

What started out as a fun production held to signify the end of an era, theBlue Man Group began only with small exhibitions, and slowly started to increase in both size and popularity as it picked up in the entertainment scene. From such humble beginnings, it’s grown into a full-fledged, continuously running program at the Luxor Hotel and Casino since November 18, 2015.

Awe-Inspiring Illusions and Magic

Another crowd hit in Las Vegas are shows that have anything to do with magic tricks and illusions. One good example of these mentalist-type shows is “Paranormal – the Mind Reading Magic Show” by Frederic Da Silva. It is an extremely high rated show, garnering a solid 5 stars, rated by 1,237 reviews so far. It is part of the top 10 shows you must see when you’re in Vegas (6th place, specifically), according to TripAdvisor. Frederic makes sure to interact with his audience members, choosing a number of them to come up and participate with him on stage. Be prepared for some literally unbelievable tricks up his sleeve!

Memorable Musicals for Everyone to Watch

Vegas! The Show is a production that’s all about how Vegas came to be the entertainment capital it is. All the way from its glitzy, glamorous past, to its world-famous prestige today, let this performance tell you all about when, who, what, and how Vegas was made great. Pair a thrilling, well-produced story with a great cast, crew, orchestra, and score, and you’ve got the top-selling musical to top charts in Las Vegas theater. You can purchase tickets to this show for as low as $70, and view it at the Saxe Theater.

Looking for the perfect show to tickle your funny bone? Check out Menopause: The Musical. The premise of it is about the lives of four women, each with their own unique backstory, yet all of them going through the same thing: the side effects of menopause. Their woes are comically expressed through classic songs, ranging from 60’s to the 80’s – perfect for everyone to enjoy, relate to, and have a giggle at. Tickets go for around $50, and shows at Harrah’s Cabaret.

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