October 12, 2016

Three Things You Must Try In Hawaii

Undoubtedly, Hawaii is a gorgeous island, perfect for a summer’s vacation. While there are hundreds of things you can do on this tropical paradise, we picked three of the most incredible things that we think you should most definitely try while visiting one of the world’s most loved islands. Go Surfing! Hawaii is known to be surfer’s paradise. In fact, you could say surfing is embedded in its culture! All throughout the rich history of Hawaii, people from all levels of socioeconomics have participated in this activity, using boards of all sizes. Women and children would use the Paipo (also known as the bodyboard) where you lie flat on your chest on the board, and use your feet to kick, arms to push, thus propelling yourself above water. The medium sized board is called the Alaia (otherwise known as Shortboard) which is akin to what a modern-day idea of a […]
September 14, 2016

How Good Breakfast Is for Your Waistline

Eating a hearty, healthy, balanced breakfast is essential to keeping fit. You know how the saying goes, “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper” – this quote rings true for a list of very good reasons – and here they are! It Fuels Your Day Starting your day without breakfast is like starting a car that’s low on fuel – it’ll sputter its way through the day siphoning what it can of the fumes of what was left. You’ll be going about your day taking energy from the last meal you ate – which has long been digested since you woke up. That means you’ll be going through those motions with low energy. Because breakfast is the first meal of the day, it is what you’ll be using during the rest of those 18 hours that you’re awake to power through activities, be […]
August 1, 2016

Getting Help With Your Workout Plans

There isn’t any set kind of workout that works perfectly for everyone. That’s why each individual needs a specific workout plan to help them attain their unique fitness goals. If you need help formulating your own workout plan, you’ve stumbled on the right article! Assess Your Situation Not everyone wants the same end goal of a body. Some people just want to trim off fat and keep lean, while others want to bulk up with as much muscle as possible. Take time to envision your goal, and how you want to look, so you can begin customizing your workouts. Customized workouts vary, and are critically comprised of which machines you should focus on doing at the gym, how you should pace your meals, and/or which kind of sports you should take up. Research And Formulate After honing in on exactly the kind of body you want, this is when you […]
July 23, 2016

How to Wake Up Feeling Wonderful!

Sometimes waking up isn’t as refreshing as we’d like it to be. We’re met with eyebags, a foggy head, and not as much energy as we expected. Luckily, you don’t always have to wake up like that! There are a few tips and techniques you can apply so that you can successfully wake up feeling wonderful. Get A Good Night’s Sleep This may seem obvious, but we mean it – don’t set an alarm on that alarm clock. Your body will tell you to wake up when it needs to wake up! A decent amount of sleep should clock in around seven to eight hours. It also helps to ready yourself before bed – whether that’s by meditating, taking a long bath with lavender scented soap, or listening to soothing music. If you’re in the middle of a quarrel with your significant other, then you’ll still be a little anxious […]