July 3, 2017

Caribbean Vacation Activities for Your Holiday

Choosing a place to go on a vacation is crucial; there are so many things to do and places to see, doing some research is important before deciding on a place and booking that ticket. Some places grow to become quite popular, be it for their pristine beaches, fun parties, or relaxing atmosphere. Every now and then, when you hear about someone going on a vacation, it isn’t surprising for someone to say they’ve planned a couple of luxury vacations in the Caribbean. Where is the Caribbean, and why is it so popular among tourists? A Bit More About the Caribbean The Caribbean is comprised of a series of islands (700 of them, including the islets, reefs, and other smaller bodies of land) located in between North America and South America, though technically (region-wise) these islands are considered as a North American subregion, in terms of geopolitics. Countries in the […]
May 17, 2017

Loving Yourself When You Feel Rejected

Self-love, especially after a break up or a fight with a loved one, can be a difficult task to do. Rejection is a normal event that everyone goes through, and it can be incredibly painful. However, with a bit of a push, the right mindset (or at least the push to have the right mindset), you can still find means and ways to love yourself when you feel rejected. Let us guide you through this tough time with a series of do’s and don’ts! Don’t Hole Yourself Up This is the first thing we all tend to do when out significant others decide to ditch us. Though you can give yourself some time and space to cry, don’t overextend that period to more than a few days. Sure, letting your feelings out over a pint of chocolate ice cream, a box of tissues, and a romantic comedy can be therapeutic, […]
April 19, 2017

Is Your Investment Goal Big Enough?

While we gear up with what we want to save during the year, it’s smart to stop and ask yourself – “is my investment goal big enough?” While we think we’re already doing ourselves a favor by putting aside a little something for a rainy day (and watch it grow interest!), you may want to add a little more to that amount to secure your future. First Thing’s First: Emergency Savings One of the most important savings you should have tucked away is your emergency savings. The best-case scenario for the amount you should have in your emergency savings is about three to six months’ worth of your salary in your account. This is in case of an emergency – be it (knock on wood) getting fired from your job, falling ill, or having a property of yours destroyed/burned down. You want to invest this money in liquidized cash, and […]
March 23, 2017

How to Wake Up Feeling Wonderful!

Sometimes waking up isn’t as refreshing as we’d like it to be. We’re met with eyebags, a foggy head, and not as much energy as we expected. Luckily, you don’t always have to wake up like that! There are a few tips and techniques you can apply so that you can successfully wake up feeling wonderful. Get A Good Night’s Sleep This may seem obvious, but we mean it – don’t set an alarm on that alarm clock. Your body will tell you to wake up when it needs to wake up! A decent amount of sleep should clock in around seven to eight hours. It also helps to ready yourself before bed – whether that’s by meditating, taking a long bath with lavender scented soap, or listening to soothing music. If you’re in the middle of a quarrel with your significant other, then you’ll still be a little anxious […]